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Stay Cool Save Cash is a coalition of organizations with the goal of cooling cities while also saving them money, and minimizing future climate related risk.





Stay Cool Save Cash is an initiative of The Smart Surfaces Coalition. The Coalition is committed to the rapid, cost-effective global adoption of smart surfaces to enable cities to thrive despite climate threats, save cities billions of dollars, decrease heat, reduce flood risk, slow global warming, and increase city livability, health, equity and jobs.


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Reduce summer heat

The vast majority of roofs, roads, sidewalks, and other public spaces are built with dark, non-porous materials that absorb heat and radiate it into the air. This increases city temperatures, and is the main reason cities are hotter than surrounding suburban and rural areas.

Smart surfaces are light colored, porous, generate clean energy and/or are green. These surfaces absorb and release far less heat than traditional surfaces, while also improving air quality and reducing flood risk.

Our objective is that adoption of smart surfaces enables cities to become more livable, healthier, and resilient for all citizens despite climate change.


$700 Billion Saved

The net present value of nationwide adoption of smart surfaces is $700 billion--saving taxpayers, consumers, homeowners, and businesses money.

This number includes the costs and savings associated with nationwide urban smart surface implementation over a 40-year analysis period.

Many additional benefits are not included in this analysis due to limited data availability, so full benefits would be larger than $700 billion


273,000 New jobs created

Nationwide adoption of smart surfaces would create many jobs. The employment impact of cities, taxpayers, homeowners, consumers, and businesses saving billions of dollars, upgrading city infrastructure, and making cities more livable, would result in the creation of 273,000 new full time jobs.

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Smart Surfaces: Stay Cool Save Cash



Cities that deploy smart surfaces reduce temperatures, save millions of dollars, and make communities more livable.

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Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are light colored and engineered to reflect away most heat—unlike traditional dark colored roofs. When summer sunlight hits a dark roof, 52% heats the city air, compared to 8% for light colored roofs which reflect a lot of sunlight and heat back into space.

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Green Roofs

Green roofs are covered in vegetation, which provides shading, reduces building energy use, cleans the air, and absorbs and better manages water.



Trees decrease temperature by providing shade and transpiring. Trees turn CO2 into oxygen, clean air pollutants, and reduce flood risk by absorbing water during heavy rains.



Solar PV converts sunshine into electricity and provides shading for buildings, sidewalks, and other public areas.

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Combined Surfaces

By combining smart surface solutions, cities can maximize the benefits from a single area. For example:

Green roofs + Solar PV generate clean energy, reduce building energy use, manage storm water, and clean the air;

Porous + cool surfaces reflect heat, capture rain, and clean the air.


Porous Pavements

Porous pavements absorb and clean water, allowing rain to recharge groundwater while reducing storm water runoff and flood risk.

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